Wednesday October 26
9:00 Keynote Speaker
Caroline Hummels, TU Delft, Netherlands
Organizer: Stephan Wensveen, TU/e, Netherlands
A Study on a User Centered Design of a Tactile Mobile Phone
B. Mallet, A. Guénand, Ch. Lenay¹ , and D. Chene²
¹ Université de Technologie de Compiègne
² France Télécom, France

Fabric-circle-slider: Prototype Exploring the Interaction Aesthetic of Contextual Integration

J. Zimmerman¹, K. Hurst¹, and M. Peeters²,
¹ Carnegie Mellon University, USA
² TU/e, Netherlands

Possibilities for Sonification in Webdesign
R. Den Otter and R. van Egmond, TU Delft, Netherlands

11:00 Break
11:30 INTERACTION DESIGN I continued
Organizers: Tom Djajadiningrat, TU/e, Netherlands, and Marcelle Stienstra, University of Southern Denmark
Pragmatic Aesthetics as a Design Resource for Proactive Information Technology
K. Kuusela, I. Koskinen, K. Battarbee¹, A. Soronen, F. Mäyrä², J. Mikkonen³
¹ University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland
² Hypermedia Laboratory, 33014 University of Tampere, Finland
³ Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Creating Pleasurable User-Product Interaction Experiences through Movement Analysis
O. Tomico and J. Lloveras, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain

Are you alive? Sensor Data as Resource for Social Interaction
E. Kurvinen¹, M. Lahteenmaki², A. Salovaara¹ and F. Lopez³
¹ Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), Finland,
² Nokia Research Center, Finland
³ Suunto Oy, Finland

Searching for Intrinsic Value in Interaction: Reflections on the Conceptual Designs of Digital Music Players
J. Zimmerman, E. Ayoob and J. Forlizzi, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Keynote Speaker
Alexander Grunsteidl, IDEO, UK
Organizer: Elmo Diederiks, Philips Research, Netherlands
FARL and Scorpiodrome: Paving the Way towards Mixed Reality Social Gaming for Children
G. Metaxas, B. Metin, J. Schneider, G. Shapiro, W. Zhou and P. Markopoulos, TU/e, Netherlands

Designing for Social Use in Public Spaces: a Conceptual Framework of Social Interaction
M. Ludvigsen, School of Architecture, Denmark

Sound in Mobile Multimedia: A Mobile Design Challenge
I. Koskinen, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland

Easy organization of Personal Digital Photo Collections
G. Hollemans and V. Buil, Philips Research laboratories, Netherlands
16:15 Break
Organizer: Kees Overbeeke
Especially made for You
A. van der Heijden, N. Kistemaker , A. Hennink, C. Hummels, TU Delft, Netherlands

Haptic Differentiation between Different Scales
M. Ziat, O. Gapenne, A. Delwarde, and M-O. Rouze, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France

Beam me Down Scotty: To the Virtual and Back
D. Saakes and A. Keller, TU Delft, Netherlands

The FF Tool: A Designer’s Tool for Forecasting Leadership and Cultural Development
K. Vehmas, P. Aula, M. Uotila and M. Pyykkonen, University of Lapland, Finland

Time for a New Timer: Time Travel
R. Frieling, TU/e, Netherlands

Design Inspiration, Research Aspiration
C. Hummels, A. Kauffman, J. Kim, E. Malisianou, and A. Van der Helm, TU Delft, Netherlands

EOS, Play with that Light
A. Rulkens, TU/e, Netherlands

PhiCom, Mobile Conference Calling
J. Dekker, Z. Amiralis, T. Kooijmans, and P. van Wegberg, TU/e, Netherlands

Creating People for Products: Humorous Homunculi in the Service of Design Communication
A. Keller and P.J. Stappers, TU Delft, Netherlands

D. Rutten, W. Reeskamp, N. Vegt and E. Toering, TU/e, Netherlands

18:30 From Gorillas Passing Around a Kitten: Representing Interaction Qualities
W. Horst, MCI, Denmark

I. Vos, TU/e, Netherlands

Interaction style book project
A. Gaizauskas, and N. Brink Thomsen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark